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  • Books & Biceps


    Books & Biceps

    Join the largest smart meathead community for weekly book recommendations, workout motivation, expert Q&As and new columns. Read by Super Bowl Champs, NY Times bestselling authors, NBA All-Stars, fitness icons, book-loving athletes, dudes & dads.

  • Big Desk Energy


    Big Desk Energy

    startup insights, stories, and vibes sent to your inbox every Tuesday

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    The Wild Goose Chase Newsletter

    Adventures in Business, Lifestyle Design, and Personal Evolution.

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    On The Fly

    Sourcing the best sh!t from across the internet to elevate your brand, boost your productivity, and fatten your walletšŸ’°

  • The Competitive Advantage

    The Competitive Advantage

    Mindset, motivation, and tactical advice for creators looking to scale their business to $5K per month and beyond

    "My other newsletter where I teach my elite mindsets and tactics for growing my creator business while reading hundreds of books every year. Join 500+ others for radical accountability as we strive together to reach our biggest goals."
  • The Nous by Jon Brooks

    The Nous by Jon Brooks

    The Stoic Handbook presents a practical philosophy newsletter full of tools, tips, and anecdotes to help you live better.

    "One of my best friends just happens to be one of the world's leading experts on Stoicism and The Nous is where the next stage of your life will begin. "
  • Habit Examples

    Habit Examples

    Build better habits with sciencey tips and inspiring stories. Join 2,000 everyday people getting better in 3 minutes every Tuesday.

    "Kody is an absolute weapon when it comes to positive habit formation, and you definitely want him in your corner. Get in the habit of reading his newsletter and you won't regret it."