The Mindset of WINNERS (And a New Book Giveaway!)

An author friend of mine just gave me a bunch of 100% discount codes to his book (You’re Too Good to Feel This Bad), and I’m going to be giving them all away next week!

If you’re subscribed to The Reading Life, you’re already entered. No need to do anything else.

I’ll most likely announce the giveaway later this week, and run it until, oh I don’t know…July 5th or something. Then I’ll let you know if you’ve won!

Of course, I’d definitely appreciate if you shared this newsletter with a few hundred of your closest friends and told them about the giveaway and all these solid book recommendations I’ve been laying down…but that’s optional :)

This is the book! I read it a while back and it’s fantastic.

I also published a new YouTube video, and this one’s a recording of a live masterclass where I went in-depth on The Mindset of WINNERS, and how we think differently than the rest of the population.

The good news is that because it's a mindset, YOU can adopt it as well, and from this day forward let it move you toward an exciting, vibrant future that you can't WAIT to get to and live.

It's ALL possible by upgrading your mindset, and that's what I cover in the video.

I mentioned last time that the next book breakdown will feature 10X is Easier Than 2X, by Benjamin Hardy, a great business book that will help you achieve exponential profit (and personal) growth.

That’ll be ready by Thursday!

I’m also still working on that referral program for this newsletter where you can actually earn FREE BOOKS just for recommending The Reading Life to friends.

And not just a few. I’m working with a bunch of authors on this, so people who refer new people to this newsletter will get 100% discount codes for like, 30 free books!

More details on that very soon.

Because I’ve been working so hard on all these other projects and book breakdowns etc. I haven’t finished updating any new book notes for my Patreon this week, but here in this email are five of the best book breakdowns I’ve published so far.

A little mix of everything today - creativity, mindset, self-improvement, education, spirituality - so let’s get into it:

“Knowing these books can change your life and choosing not implement what you're learning is like knowing you're guaranteed to win the lottery but choosing not to buy a ticket."

-Nick Hutchison

Perfect for beginner readers, yet still profoundly impactful for book lovers who may be more experienced, Rise of the Reader is the ultimate guide for transforming information into life-changing results.

“To see what no human has seen before, to know what no human has known before, to create as no human has created before, it may be necessary to see as if through eyes that have never seen, know through a mind that has never thought, create with hands that have never been trained."

-Rick Rubin

Learn from legendary music producer Rick Rubin about deepening and strengthening your creative instincts, producing great work, and discovering your authentic self through artistic expression.

“Truth is a thing that is living from moment to moment - to be discovered, not believed in, not quoted, not formulated. But to see that truth, your mind and your heart must be extremely pliable, alert."

-Jiddu Krishnamurti

The controversial spiritual teacher Krishnamurti once proclaimed that "Truth is a pathless land," and that Truth is always new. In this book, he asks more questions than he gives answers, but he provides hints as to where Truth can be found and why the mind can never find it.

“It’s not hours in the day you lack, it’s a vision for your life that makes time irrelevant.”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Vision. Overwhelming self-belief. And a sickening work ethic. These qualities and more helped Arnold Schwarzenegger climb the peak of three of the most difficult fields in the world to succeed in. His book shows you how you can climb too.

“No matter where I work, the same truth keeps emerging. Neutral thinking is the key to unlocking a set of behaviors that can turn also-rans into champions and champions into legends."

-Trevor Moawad

Positive thinking can work sometimes. Negative thinking works negatively 100 percent of the time. But what about NEUTRAL thinking? Could it be the key to world-class performance?

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More excellent book recommendations coming your way soon!

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With that said, I hope you enjoyed this edition of The Reading Life, and enjoy the rest of your week!

Until next time…happy reading!

All the best,

Matt Karamazov

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